Chris B.

I'm currently living on the outskirts of London, in the small town of Chesham (Buckinghamshire) with the Chiltern Hills surrounding me.

I am a passionate chef starting my career six years ago. During this time, I have worked with Michelin star chefs in England and Wales, and saw the true meaning to fresh produce.

My style of food is forever growing and experimenting; therefore, it is hard to summarise it into one sentence. My process consists of precision cooking with a small explosive element of uncontrollable freedom on each plate. I combine a variation of flavours together, and push each one to the limit till they become recognisably beautiful.

Each dish has matured over time, with the need to consistently push for perfection and greatness presented in every course that I serve.

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Isabella R.
11 months ago

Hi it was interesting for sure and he has a lot of gadgets!