For Diners

1) Can I contact a Chef prior to making a booking? 
Absolutely - on the 'Questions’ section on the 'Request' page. Chefs will be happy to discuss options and logistics before you make your booking.

2) My kitchen isn’t big - will it be adequate for a We Dine chef? 
Our Chefs are well trained, adaptable, and able to work in most environments. If you’re unsure then you can always ask before accepting an Offer on the ‘Question’ section on the 'Request' page.

3) What do I need to provide the Chef? 
Please liaise details of appliances including cooking utensils, serving dishes, crockery, cutlery, and kitchen equipment with your Chef before accepting an Offer.

4) When will my Chef arrive? 
Your Chef will typically arrive around one to two hours before the agreed dining time, to allow for adequate preparation and set up. The arrival time varies depending on the menu they are cooking. Your Chef will advise of the arrival time in advance.

5) What happens if my guests are late? 
Please ensure you and your guests are ready on time to enjoy your meal in optimum condition. Chefs can cope with short delays to serving times but anything beyond 30 minutes causes difficulties.

6) For how many people can Chefs cater for?
This depends on the menu and the Chef. For large groups, Chefs take helpers to ensure everyone is looked after. 

7) Will my Chef cater for dietary requirements?
Your Chef will be able to accommodate most dietary requirements with prior warning but please make sure to confirm details with your Chef before making the booking.

8) What does a Chef do when all the food has been served? 
This will depend on the level of service you request. If 'Basic', the Chef will leave when the last dish is served. With 'Premium' service, usually your Chef will start cleaning up once the last dish has been served. They will then leave quietly and let you enjoy the rest of your party.

9) Will I be left cleaning up the kitchen afterwards?
If you choose 'Premium' service your Chef will clean the kitchen utensils and equipment and leave the kitchen in the same state in which they found it.

10) Can I make changes after placing my booking?
You can request changes to the date, time and number of guests at any stage. If your Request is in it's accepted or confirmed stage, please discuss with your Chef if they are able to accommodate the changes. No date changes can be made fewer than 120 hours before the event for confirmed bookings.

11) How does payment work?
Once your Request has been accepted, the total price is payable to reserve the booking. If any changes are made to the booking, such as, the change in the number of guests, please communicate with your Chef and change the price accordingly. All payments are processed securely via our payment provider Stripe and we accept all major cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club.

12) How do I get a Referral Code? 
After you have hosted a We Dine dinner, you can then refer us to your family/friends via your home page. When they make a booking, your account will automatically be credited with £25 after their event.

13) How do I or the gift recipient receive the Gift Voucher? 
You can either download the voucher or email it to yourself and/or the gift recipient. Each voucher has a unique code which the recipient can use to apply when they pay for a booking.

14) What happens if my booking is more or less than the Gift Voucher value? 
Don’t worry, if your booking is higher you can pay the difference on a credit card and if it’s lower, the credit will be held on the voucher for a subsequent booking.

15) What’s the etiquette regarding tips? 
Tipping the Chefs is entirely at your discretion just as if you were in a restaurant.

16) What is your cancellation policy? 
You can cancel for free more than 3 clear days before the event. If you cancel between 2 and 3 clear days before the event, 50% of the total cost will be refunded. Cancelling under 2 clear days before the event the full fee will incur.

17) What happens if my Chef cancels? 
Our Chefs are very reliable. If for any reason they cannot make it on the day and they let us know in advance, we will endeavour to find a suitable alternative Chef. In the unlikely event that we cannot do so, we will refund you the amount that you have paid.

18) What happens if I’m not happy with the service? 
Please contact us immediately so that we can deal with your complaint. We take all Diner feedback very seriously and will carry out a swift and comprehensive assessment of the event. Depending on our findings and evaluation, we may refund you up to 100% of the total price.

For Chefs

1) What experience or qualifications do I need to become a We Dine chef?
Our Diners look for a range of culinary experiences so we welcome Chefs at all levels, whether self-taught, culinary academy-educated or working professionals. However, as culinary professionals we expect you to comply with these industry-regulated hygiene standards: we recommend either Food Hygiene Training or HACCP Training from food-hygiene-certificate.co.uk. Please ensure your appearance reflects high hygiene standards, with hair pinned back, impeccably clean hands and unvarnished nails, no jewellery and minimal make up. We expect rigorous hand-washing, use of gloves where appropriate and immaculate Chef’s whites/jackets or aprons.

2) Aside from cooking the meal, what else am I required to do as a We Dine chef?
If the service level required is 'Basic', clean kitchen surfaces equipment and utensils that you have used. Once the meal has been served you can leave. If the service level required is 'Premium', you are expected to present the food at the table and clean all the Diner’s kitchen surfaces, equipment and utensils that you have used including the dishes used to serve the dinner. Everything should be left in the state in which you found it. To avoid any disagreements about the state of cleanliness, it may be worth taking a photo of the kitchen and equipment before using and after you have cleaned them, so you have proof.

3) Do I need to bring my own equipment and cutlery?
Please liaise details of appliances including cooking utensils, serving dishes, crockery, cutlery, and kitchen equipment with your Diner before making an Offer. We advise you to confirm exactly what is needed with the Diner before booking.

4) For what size parties will I be required to cater?
You can agree to as many or as few diners as you like.

5) What should I do about dietary requirements?
You should ask the Diner if anyone in their party has any dietary requirements at the time of booking. Once you have asked, they have a duty to advise you of any special requirements by three days prior to the event.

6) How much preparation should I do beforehand?
As much as you can! Whatever you can prepare before arriving at the Diner’s venue will make your life easier during the event. For example, you may find it helps to pre-cook a few items and then simply apply the finishing touches once you are in the Diner’s kitchen. Plan your timetable well in advance so that you’re on top of your timings, from arriving at the venue to serving the dishes.

7) Can I bring someone with me to help in the kitchen or serve?
Yes, you may bring as many assistants as you like, but their fees are included in your price.

8) When can I leave an event?
If the service level required is 'Basic', you can leave once meal has been served. If the service level is 'Premium', once you have served the last dishes you may begin cleaning up. As soon as everything is pristine you may discreetly indicate to the Diner that you have finished and may leave.

9) How can I contact a Diner?
Once a booking is confirmed, you will be sent a text message with the Diner’s telephone number. You can also see the Diner details on your reservations page. If the Diner is requesting a telephone conversation prior to confirming their booking, please contact We Dine for support.

10) What should I do if a Diner requests changes to the booking?
A Diner can request changes to the date, time and the number of guests. Requested changes will need to be approved by you. If there is no significant change to the menu and to your costs, there is no need to notify us, but if there are substantial changes to the ingredients and price then please let us know as these may affect insurance.

11) What happens if a Diner cancels the booking?
The Diner can cancel for free more than three clear days before the event. If they cancel between 2 to 3 clear days before the event then you will receive 50% of the full commission. If they cancel under 2 clear days before the event, you will receive the full commission (80% of the total price).

12) How will I be paid?
You will be paid the total price minus an 20% commission, so 80% of the total price, in to a UK bank account. This fee will be paid to you the day following an event. The funds may take up to seven working days to reach your account.

13) How will I be taxed?
We Dine chefs are self-employed. We pay you in full and you are responsible for handling your own tax affairs.

14) What about VAT?
We are registered for VAT and responsible for our share of the total price only, the 20% commission. You are responsible for your own VAT affairs, if applicable.