Is This Foodies' Tech Solution The Saviour Of Our Covid Birthdays And Celebrations?

25 Jul 2020 (Sat)
Wondering what to do for yours or a special person's birthday during the coronavirus pandemic?  

Well, have you ever thought about hiring your own chef to cook delicious restaurant quality food for you at your gatherings at home?   The new foodies' tech platform, 'We Dine' has made this both effortless and accessible - let us explain!...

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After months of being kept apart from our friends and family, we all rejoiced in the news that we can gradually and carefully start to see each other again. All we want to do is give everyone a big hug and enjoy a gigantic feast together.

We know now though, it’s not as simple as just going back to the way things were. Our ‘covid birthdays’ and other special celebrations will not be going to be going back to what we are used to for some time.

Regardless of openings, most of us have at least a few friends and family members who are more vulnerable and for whom public social spaces feel even less inviting. Feedback from users of We Dine’s online ‘find a chef’ platform shows that many regular restaurant-goers are not planning to venture out into public social spaces yet, and many don’t want to do so for some time.  

So how do we celebrate our birthdays and other special days during the covid-19 pandemic? 

Here is some great news – there is a solution! Birthdays and special days can still be celebrated with zero hassle and in the company of your closest friends and family. 

By hiring your own chef using the brand new We Dine platform, you can still enjoy great food and moments of comfort, connection and celebration without any of the hassle of shopping, preparing and cooking the food yourself.

But how do you go about hiring a private chef, and isn’t that just for the rich and famous?
I mean, that’s what people do when they have yachts or ‘staff’ in their mansion houses?

Well actually, We Dine is different; the platform connects you directly to a community of chefs and cooks near you, offering a complete spectrum of skills and experience. It isn’t an agency, so unlike most online chef agency platforms they don’t cater to one particular level of cooking and you don't need to trawl through numerous set menus on offer.

You can request exactly what you are looking for, state your dining budget per person, and receive offers from talented home-cooks all the way through to fine-dining chefs with experience of heading the kitchen of a Michelin star restaurant. 

So How Does 'We Dine' Work?

We Dine is a newly branded version of a very clever tech solution that will find you a chef for any occasion so that you can effortlessly enjoy restaurant-quality social-dining at home, or in your garden. They’ve made the entire process of finding and booking a chef easier than it has ever been before!

With We Dine's clever matchmaking platform, finding a chef for any occasion is now as easy as 1,2,3 –literally!

1. Select a cuisine or choose to be surprised - Say when and where and set a budget per diner.

2. Choose your chef - A range of chefs will get in touch with suggestions and menus, you just need to select your favourite.

3. Welcome your chef - Your chef arrives with everything they need to cook and serve your special dining experience.

3 Ideas For Birthdays and Celebrations During The Coronavirus Pandemic

We Dine provides the option to get everything you want – effortless convenience, restaurant-quality food, cooked by a pro, all in the comfort and safety of your home or garden.

As well as traditional ‘private chef’ hire at home,  many of their chefs are now offering a flexible approach to help everyone feel safe, whilst ensuring their diners get the top quality food you want to share with your friends and family for your celebrations and get-togethers.

1. Bespoke Delivery of ‘oven-ready’ packages

With We Dine you can connect directly with chefs near you, cut out the middle man and chat through the platform's messaging system, they’ll make suggestions or you can let them know exactly what you’re looking for – whichever works best for you.

You may want a whole home-restaurant menu package dropped off that you can finish in the oven at home yourself, or you may prefer it delivered ‘ready to serve’. Because you’re able to talk directly to them you both have total flexibility with your options and can keep talking until you create the perfect solution together for your birthday, special day or casual get-together.

2. Book A Barbecue Chef for your garden gathering

Enjoy getting together in your garden without any of the hassle of shopping, preparing or grilling for yourself. Bring the restaurant to you and ask a We Dine chef to prepare some fab restaurant-quality salads, nibbles and take charge of the grill for you. Alternatively, they can deliver everything you need in a prepped package. Just pop the beautifully marinated meats and fish onto the grill yourself!

3. At-Home Private Dining With A We Dine Chef

Images courtesy of Susie Morrison, shared on her instagram @gourmetglow

Safety of diners and chefs is paramount, therefore as long as you adhere to government guidelines you can also make more traditional requests for a chef to come and prepare a wonderful meal in your kitchen, serve it and clear up afterwards too. The government guidelines are likely to continue changing so please keep these in mind when making your requests for in house restaurant-style dining.

Trusted Experience & Safety

The team behind We Dine understand you might have concerns with someone new cooking for your family and friends. We Dine has put together their guidelines for the safety of their diners and chefs.

When you receive offers you’ll also see reviews from diners who have booked their chefs before – over 95% of their customers rate their service 4 or 5 stars! Chefs’ hygiene certificates are available to view in their profiles and they must confirm that they are registered with their local authority to be able to make you an offer for your home dining experience.

Easy and simple Payments, and no cash!

Another benefit of enjoying the restaurant experience at home with We Dine is that everything is paid for electronically, in advance, and prices are quoted per person. Everyone knows exactly what they are paying and there won’t be any of those awkward moments at the end if someone disagrees with the bill distribution!

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