We Dine Health and Safety Guidelines for Chefs and Diners - What To Expect

01 Jul 2020 (Wed)

The health and safety of both our chefs and diners have always been our top priority

Whilst lockdown has been eased we look forward to supporting our community again. However, we understand that many still have concerns.

The government has issued guidelines for services carried out in another person’s home, including cooks. Please be sure to adhere to these guidelines when organising bookings.

We have also created the following checklist so that chefs and diners can fully enjoy a safe and relaxing We Dine experience with peace of mind.


-  Only chefs who have updated their profiles with their required Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate and who have ticked they are registered with their local authority will be able to make offers to requests.

-  If you prefer to have an ‘oven-ready' or 'ready to serve’ delivery, please outline this clearly in the description form. 

-  Please be sure to communicate with the chef if you or a member of your group becomes unwell before the booking or shows any of the following symptoms, including fever, continuous cough,  or a loss of change to your sense of smell or taste.

-  The chef will always be advised to cancel the booking if anyone in the group is showing the above symptoms. 

-  Please ensure a clear pathway to the kitchen and key areas for use and that your chef has space to work freely. Please maintain social distancing when and where possible.

-  Leave all doors open to avoid touching handles and minimise busy areas within the household and ensure surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant. 

-  Payment will be made electronically through our system so there should be no further exchange required.


-  Please remember to upload your Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate as a picture on your profile. You must also confirm a) that you have uploaded a valid certificate and b)that you've registered your food business with your local authority, every time you make an offer to a request.  If you have any problems uploading your certificate, please contact us.

-  We recommend chefs call diners the day before to confirm customer and friends or family members are not displaying Coronavirus symptoms or at risk of spreading the infection. If you are unsure or you think there may be a risk, you are advised to cancel the booking.
-  Chefs are advised to bring and use masks and gloves, and wash hands throughout the service. Please also bring your own hand sanitiser and use whenever appropriate. If using vehicles please ensure that they have been wiped down, as well as equipment being carried in between houses.

-  Chefs are advised not to use doorbells or door knockers but to knock on the door and wait 2 metres away for the diner to open the door.

-  Please maintain social distancing rule of 2 metres as you work. 

-  Discuss with diners if there is a way to describe and serve dishes safely.

-  Chefs are advised to bring additional cleaning materials to sanitise surfaces and equipment before commencing service.

If you have any questions about your experience please do contact us at foodies@wedine.co.uk 
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