The rise of accessible luxury

28 Feb 2023 (Tue)
At We Dine one of our core principles is making fine dining accessible to a wider market. We want to change the game and offer a way for chefs to demonstrate their most sophisticated and delicate creations without having to charge prohibitive prices. Meanwhile we want every single person to try delectable and enticing food without being put off by the price tag. In our opinion high end food made with quality ingredients doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag.
However, it is not just the team at We Dine who have clung on to this idea. Making luxury accessible is becoming a clear trend within our entire economy.

Take AirBnB which offers tourists the opportunity to stay in some of the most beautiful cities in the world, at some truly stunning apartments that previously wouldn’t have been accessible to the average person on the street. By opening up an entirely new market, AirBnB have achieved something truly new remarkable; changing the entire tourist industry and making luxury far more accessible.

Of course, nowhere is the accessible luxury term more ubiquitous than in the fashion industry where brands like Kate Spade, Michael Kors and Tory Burch have done extremely well by creating an iconic, recognisable brand and spreading it across their merchandise – from bags to watches. In much the same way heritage luxury brands of old like Gucci and Louis Vuitton – they have worked hard to create stunning products that are accessible whilst being extremely desirable.

Another phenomenal example is Instagram that has radically altered the way with consumer content. With influencers being paid to sponsor certain brands or products, they have created an entirely new marketing funnel which is affordable (for the brands, themselves) as it allows for far more precise market segmentation whilst still ensuring the post is viewed by the right people. This allows for artisanal and bespoke brands, who previously struggled to gain a foothold (without a physical store or the budget for a rich marketing campaign) to effortlessly reach their target demographic. These products are often luxury, but affordable and have really changed the way consumers interact with brands.

It is not only collaboration between people and brands that has helped the cause of accessible luxury, but also between shops and companies. Take Topshop for example…with their flagship store in Oxford Circus (not too far from We Dine’s very own headquarters in North West London), having a number of pop-ups selling boutique clothing and accessories. Without having to pay the overheads generally seen in Central London whilst helping to guarantee Topshop’s positioning as a regarded and desirable brand, these accessibly luxurious brands are able to reach the mainstream market.

At We Dine we hope to join this trend and help to make fine dining accessible to individuals who find restaurant prices out of their reach. If you have any questions at all about our service please don’t hesitate to contact our London based team on 0207 183 1628 or drop us an email at
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