Planning a 60th birthday party? Here's our top 10 ideas!

01 Feb 2018 (Thu)

Deciding what type of birthday party to host, isn't always easy. For adults, birthday parties can become quite uninspiring, especially as you get older. If you're looking to plan a 60th birthday party and need some inspiration, here's our top 10 60th party ideas!

1. Traditional afternoon tea
Nothing says traditional afternoon tea, like three-tier cake stands, finger sandwiches and a choice of teas. Add in a choice of macarons, scones, cream and jam and you can turn a traditional tea into a sumptuous one. Make it totally stress-free, by getting in your own chef to create this glorious feast.

2. Champagne and sabrage party
Flute glasses, strawberries, raspberries and fizzy bubbles, who could resist? If you want to up level the party, hire a Maitre Sabreur to your party, so you can all learn the art of sabrage: . Not keen on champagne? Why not turn it into a wine tasting session!

3. Fundraiser party
The older you get, the more your birthday become about the people, not the gifts. So, why not put a stop to the gifts - by having a fundraiser party? In it's simplest form, you could ask for donations to your favourite charity. Want to go all in? Host an auction - and make it as serious or fun as you like!

4. Stress-free 60th birthday party dinner
If a large celebration isn't your thing, why not hold a more intimate dinner party? You could make it totally stress-free for everyone, by getting a chef to come to your home? At We Dine, we offer a variety of chef and menus to choose from. Not only will they prepare a gourmet menu for you, they'll cook a feast for you and your guests in your own kitchen (and clean up after themselves!). You could also start with pre-dinner cocktails by Kampai Cocktails.

5. Rock n Roll is here to stay
Music designed to get you moving! Rock and Roll is suitable for any age, so will be a crowd pleaser - especially if you get everyone to dress up for the occasion. If funds are limited, have a pre-recorded soundtrack playing in the background. Alternatively, hire a DJ or even an Elvis impersonator.

6. Royal garden party
Get treated like royalty, on your 60th birthday party, with your very own royal garden party. Your guest could be enjoying canapes and wine, whilst listening to the sounds of a string quartet. Want to make it more fun? Opt for compulsory crowns and regal attire.

7. Golden age of Hollywood
With the popularity of films such as the Great Gatsby and La La land, musicals, Hollywood and the golden age of film are incredibly popular. Hosting a Hollywood-themed night gives you so much scope - both in terms of costume and exact theme. Want to keep it general? Opt for classic black and gold décor, with martini cocktails and your own bartender. You could even have someone jumping out of your very own cake!

8. Country and western
If more casual attire is your preference, why not host a country and western evening! You could hire a dance teacher to teach you all line dancing, decorate the garden with straw bales and have a BBQ style buffet.

9. Group activity
If dancing and music isn't your first choice of entertainment for your 60th birthday party, why not make your party an educational one? You could hire someone to come and teach you all how to cook regional foods or try your hand at chocolate making. The great thing about group activities is you're only limited to imagination and how adventurous you are!

10. Casino evening
Casino evenings give you various great options. One option is to hire casino tables and a dealer (here's an example of casino entertainment providers: Another option is to turn it into a James Bond evening, complete with glamourous costumes and shaken but not stirred cocktails.

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