Meet We Dine chef Philippe Roth, Fine-Dining, French, Japanese & Fusion

09 Mar 2020 (Mon)

Philippe Roth 

Location: London 
Speciality: French, Japanese, Japanese- French fusion
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Philippe talks to us about his career journey, his foodie passions and why you won’t catch him cooking turnips or brains!

Early days 
I learnt to follow recipes from aged 13-14 when I started to cook myself lunch. 
My love of cooking grew, and at 16 I started an apprenticeship at Le Laffite, in France for two years and then directly to Le Tastevin, a 2 Star Michelin restaurant outside Paris. I worked there for six years, during which I took with a break which included cooking in Japan for 6 months.

Becoming a Head Chef
I went on to become Head Chef at Le Gambetta for a year and a half in Houilles-Carrieres, before coming to London in 1993 to work at La Truffle Noir.

Going Solo
I started working for a high table working for banks in the city, catering as a food contractor. I worked in a law firm for four years, responsible for the client hospitality organising lunches, dinner parties, and canapes. 
I worked with another law firm and after four and half years went in-house and became manager and head chef for 14 years before starting my own business. I use social media mainly Linked-in to grow the business directly. I’m now part of the We Dine team!

Chef's  Passions & Foodie Favourites
I like to see my clients happy. 
Japanese-French fusion is what I’m most passionate about. I’m very sporty so I ensure that I eat healthily. However, I love sweets and desserts. It’s my weakness!

I love it when clients have particular challenges that allow me to think more creatively. I enjoy coming up with how to serve a brief, particularly for large functions, I love to know I have provided the best event possible. This gives me a real sense of achievement. The plates have all the solutions!

Philippe's Food Trend Predictions for 2020  
1. Healthier options.
2. The interest in Japanese Cuisine will continue to rise. 
3. Fusion cooking. – I love to mix Japanese starters and mains with French Desserts, my clients love it! 
4. Intensifying flavours, for example, marinating sashimi for up to 8 hours.

What’s your favourite dish to cook/serve/eat? 
Can’t answer that! I love food. 
I can cater to most food requests but if I can’t eat it myself I find it very hard to serve others. 

Turnips and Brains
I can’t eat brains – so I can’t prepare it. Turnips, for me, have no flavour so don’t use them in my dishes. Luckily there’s not much else I can’t or won’t eat!

Favourite catering experience? 
I just love it and it really comes through in all my events. I’ve often been asked by clients to work for them solely which is the greatest compliment.

Philippe's Starting Prices
·     Dinner for two – minimum price £400 
·     Dinner for four – £95 per person
·     Dinner for six – around £70 per person
·     Dinner for more than 8 – from £65 per person

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Facebook: @phillipperoth 
Instagram: @chefphillipperoth
LinkedIn:Phillipe Roth

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