“I can’t afford a private chef” is no longer the case thanks to We Dine

29 Mar 2018 (Thu)

Can you relate to the statement above?  We Dine have made it possible for everyone to be able to hire a private chef for an ‘eat out at home’ experience.  Let us tell you how….

In the video you’ll see a young couple wanting to entertain friends so we invited them to dinner twice - once at home and again at an independent restaurant in Hackney (east London). 

The assumption is that young couples will want to eat out so let’s start there:  you book a table, maybe take public transport there, enjoy pre-dinner cocktails, eat a three course meal with restaurant-priced wine, continue the chatter over after-dinner drinks possibly finished off with an Irish coffee, then take a taxi home.  Perhaps a bit stressful if it’s raining?  Possibly the people before you haven’t quite finished so you’re hanging around in the reception area of the restaurant with insufficient seating?  Sound familiar?

Now imagine this:  book a chef on your device, buy in some wine from your local supermarket/corner shop, welcome the chef, get ready with a glass of wine, welcome your guests who’ve walked round, sit down and enjoy your meal, move to the living area for after-dinner drinks and coffee whilst the chef tidies away then your guests wander home or stay over if it’s raining!

We invite you to watch the video and then visit ehochef.com to plan your next night out IN!  We’re on hand to help you if you’ve got any questions too - you can call us on 020 7183 1628 or drop us an email at foodies@wedine.co.uk

Ready to get your dinner sorted?