Dinner Party Hosting Ideas from We Dine

08 Nov 2019 (Fri)

The dinner Party is Dead – Long Live the Dinner Party! 

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In 2017, Nigella Lawson told the BBC in an interview ‘I don't want anyone at my table that I don't feel comfy with, I want old friends and family and people who like eating’.   

At We Dine we see how food can bring together friends and family, we see that a quality experience can be just accessible to everyone.

We recently carried out a survey of our diners and discovered that it isn’t the desire to host dinner parties that has changed, It’s the focus of what’s important to us that has evolved.  We are aligned with Nigella’s thinking, it’s all about valuing authentic connections and bonding with our friendship groups and families.  We are time poor, so spending time at home, feeling comfortable, and enjoying great food whilst sharing each other’s company has become more important to us than ever before.
So, if dinner parties have changed into something altogether more comfortable, what now is the ideal format to host your new style of dinner party at home?  The answer couldn’t be more simple, just do whatever feels right for you!  
Remember also, if you’d like to enjoy more time relaxing with your guests, We Dine can help with any hosting style you can think of, with over 200 home chefs and cooks in our network, there’sa We Dine for you!

Dinner Party Hosting Ideas

Supper Clubs – a great way to connect old, and introduce new, friends! With a supper club you can offer an epicurean adventure into uncharted foodie territories and worldwide cuisines. The trend for hosting supper clubs at home in London is showing no sign of slowing down, and for good reason – especially amongst foodies!
Buffet Spreads – A buffet works really well for large groups, no formal seating is required and it’s a perfect way to accommodate different dietary requests. 
Canapés and Cocktails! – Ideal if the focus of the gathering is on something other than the food; an announcement, an unveiling, or an exhibition of artwork for example. You may know exactly which bites you want to tantalise and satiate your guests, or if you prefer, you can ask a home chef or cook to conjure up some ideas for you. Your post on We Dine can be as open or specific as you need.
Taster menus – Wonderful for food adventurers!  Also with several courses but with the emphasis on small, innovative dishes that guests may never have tried before.  With a Michelin starred home chef in our network you will be sure to receive some great responses to your requests!

We Dine – The New Way to Enjoy Any Of The Above

The great thing about the new We Dine platform is that it saves diners time and frustration. You can be directly connected with our network of talented home chefs and cooks in one simple post. 
Previously it was necessary to call agencies, search through menus or asking for costs. With We Dine, you set the occasion, style, number of people and budget and any other info you want to include. Talented home chefs and cooks will then come up with tailor made suggestions and ideas that are creative, flexible and intuitive to what the diner wants to achieve.
Sign up and post your request for your Christmas get together before 30th November and receive a credit of £10 towards your requested dinner party! 
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