Susanna L.

You are what you eat and beauty and taste really mean something to me. My love and passion for gourmet cooking first lead me to the kitchen and then on to Cordon Bleu to to start mastering my art. Since then I use my skills to cook

Review for Susanna L.
over 3 years ago

Really enjoyed the dinner.
Would like to ask you again soon

over 3 years ago

Though Susanna had a diploma from Cordon Bleu, she is not a professional chef at the moment but her passion to food makes her dishes really enjoyable. I want to try her new dishes next time.

over 3 years ago

Excellent 3 courses, tasty ravioli, gorgeous duck confit and lovely souffle! Susanna is a very good chef, with a Cordon Bleu background. She even cleaned the kitchen after the dinner and it was perfect! We enjoyed her dishes with fine wines. Compared with dining at the restaurant, what a good value for money! Would ask her again!

over 3 years ago

Was a lovely and awesome dinner. I know a lot of restaurants who couldn't do better.
It was obvious the plates (especially the confit) were very appropriately prepared in advance. The ladies were especially impressed with the soufflé.
Oh, she says she holds a diploma from Le Cordon Bleu. Not surprising at all and she sure lives up to it.

over 3 years ago

Ravioli was amazing, duck confit very tender with lots of flavour. Soufflé was very well made.
We had a wonderful time, just enjoying the food and wine, and speaking with guests without the hassle of preparing food.
Having a wonderful chef such as Sussane to prepare food for you at home is a very clever idea, if you want to enjoy fine wines in the comfort of your home.
We would definitely like to do it again!

Makiko Shimizu
over 3 years ago