Shaleeka N.

I am 25 years old and have studied level 2 professional cooking and food&drink service
Also level3 supervisory management..

I am passionate about cooking.. anything to do with the creation or consumption of food i'm all for it .. i like to cook and know that it is being enjoyed by others i am my own biggest food critique .i like to experiment and come up with my own take on an original recipe or just improvise as i would imagine the flavours coming together. Although some recipes dont exactly go to plan 😊😅 i take a mixing bowl and try again.

I am an open minded person . Friendly positive hard working i work well with others but find better inspiration whilst alone . If i have a vision in mind i will do my hardest to achieve it..

I have children so my best cooking is done at home . If they love my food i know that im doing something right
I tend to do dinner parties of my own
But my profession will always come back to food as you can see thats what it is about.