Robert F.

My passion is for cooking delicious food and making guests happy.

I can cook a variety of cuisines and I have over 12 years experience in Michelin and fine dining restaurants. I am a 2 rosettes chef and take pride in cooking the freshest dishes to your liking.

British European French Indian Spanish
Review for Robert F.
about 3 years ago

Three dishes were enough amount so we were so full and satisfied with them.
I really love the the dessert which was delicately beautiful and not too sweet♡♡

Nadiah S.
about 3 years ago

Robert came right on time, swiftly changed into his chef outfit and went to work at the kitchen, completing the last few steps to the dinner that he had arrived with almost completely prepared. Some guests arrived late and dinner didn’t start on time but Robert was very accommodating. The home-made focaccia and uses of spices were really enjoyable and the raspberry mille-fueille was just amazing! Thank you Robert for a fine evening!

about 3 years ago

This three course meal was very much enjoyable from starter to dessert.
Each course has its own character yet it's well-balanced as a whole. The mille-feuille for the dessert was my favourite even though I'm not a big sweets-eater.
This is a very good value for money, and I would like to try this again 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟