With more than ten years’ experience in catering, from traditional Italian cuisine to fine dining, I am a professional pastry chef with a passion for travelling, which took me to discover the most diverse gastronomic cultures around the world.
My knowledge, combined with the opportunity of exploring a wide variety of ingredients in London, allows me to create an array of truly experimental fusion cuisine dishes.
I have worked in gourmet and Michelin starred restaurants in Italy and Australia and run for 3 years the Castelvecchi restaurant in the heart of Chianti, Tuscany. I participated in several national and international patisserie contests and I was awarded with a €3000 prize for the Eurovo 2012 Competition for my original creation ‘Revised tiramisu’.
I currently also run a social supper club in my house in Highgate, London.

Review for Michele
about 2 years ago

Fabulous. Ultra professional and great comm. cleaned up a storm. Fabulous food. And the tropical chocolate is fabulous.

Sol K.
over 1 year ago

We had an absolutely fabulous evening with Michele. Before we booked him he was kind enough to come and visit us. After speaking with him we were confident of a great evening. On the evening he cooked for us a delicious and elegant meal giving a back story to the food and its origins. He was very attentive and polite and tidied up at the end of the evening. Being a pastry chef he also baked a delicious lemon milliefeuile which was a super treat. We're glad we picked Michele and having him made the evening so much more special. I'd recommend him to anyone. Well done Michele.

Philip E.
over 1 year ago

What a fantastic evening we had. Michele was great for the very moment he arrived.
The food was exactly what we wanted and he went above what was asked and provided 2 additional surprise courses.
I would recommend Michele to anyone thinking of having an Italian themed dinner party.
All 4 of us were so impressed and had a brilliant New Year’s Eve meal. 5 stars!

Adnan H.
over 1 year ago

Michele was incredible from start to finish

He accepted the task at short notice to prepare a lovely meal for me and my wife on her birthday.

He was very understanding when our baby wouldn't nap on her usual schedule and waited to serve the meal later than planned.

His presentation, ingredients and cooking were excellent.

He made us an opening course of three types of homemade foccacia, with a salty and oregano flavour, a tomato flavour and a meaty flavour. All three were delicious.

Then we had good homemade ravioli with a bit of potato and cold cuts of Italian meat. This was sumptuous.

We had a beautifully cooked aged Angus rib eye steak next and this was just perfect with the sides of marinated carrots, broccoli and roasted potatoes.

Michele prepareda delicious dessert of chocolate "croquettes" with homemade pineapple sorbet and passion fruit sauce.

He was very good about asking about what we liked and disliked before menu planning

We found him very friendly and relaxed and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a top quality but also wonderfully polite and friendly private chef.

We are grateful for the dedication to his art that was evident