Maudie F.

I grew up in the kitchen; my mother has always loved cooking, and as children we learned by watching and helping her. I learned to cook in the same way as I learned to speak - through observation, example, and trial and error. This early start in the kitchen gave me a solid foundation and confidence with food, so I feel as fluent cooking as I do speaking my mother tongue.

Thanks to this fundamental understanding of cooking, I have been able to branch out from following recipes to creating them and cultivating my own style of cooking.

As a vegan, all my food is made with plant-based ingredients, with the utmost care given to flavours, textures and the composition of the dish. In fact, since becoming vegan, I have enjoyed cooking much more, and – far from feeling restricted - found it deeply liberating.

The food will be seasoned to perfection with all sorts of weird and wonderful spices and extracts, resulting in a subtle and intriguing palate. If you don't believe me, ask any of the many committed carnivores who have been blown away by my food!

Cooking, for me, is about more than just the finished food you put in your mouth - it's the whole experience. And that's what I aim to bring to my customers.

Whether you're trying to be healthy, love animals, love the planet - or just intrigued - let me bring the rich world of plant-based cuisine into your home.

Regarding my menus:
I have three different menus on my profile; two are three-course menus, and one is a tapas-style sharing menu with lots of small plates. I have a wide repertoire, though, and also love inventing new dishes, so if you have a particular style, region, or flavour focus in mind, get in touch and we can create a uniquely curated event together just for your event. The menus are priced at £39, £44 and £49, and for bespoke menus, the price will depend on the ingredients we decide on.

Special promotion!
I offer masterclasses in vegan cooking, for those looking to cut down on animal products but struggling to think of fun and tasty recipes. For bookings of 5 and over, you will be offered a free* two-hour masterclass for two people, during which we'll prepare a 3-course meal of your choice – we'll discuss in advance what kind of thing you would like to cook.
*only pay the cost of the ingredients

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Review for Maudie F.
over 3 years ago

She is such a lovely vegan chef!
It's my first vegan dish experience, and I enjoyed all the dishes!
Thank you ❤️

Miguel R.
over 3 years ago

fantastic night! First time I tried vegan food and I must say I eat every bit of it as it tasted so good as it looked. I will definitely will try your food again.

over 3 years ago

I could not believe how vegan food could taste amazing. I was very impressed with Maudie's presentation and her personality. I will highly recommend her and I am looking forward booking her again.Maudie, you have converted me to be a vegetarian/vegan :)

over 3 years ago

Not being a vegan I must say I wasn't really looking forward to Saturdays nights dinner "how wrong could I have been". The Avocado starter was light and refreshing, the Rosti Main was out of this world! The came my favourite the Crumble and home make ice cream.
Even if your not a Vegan but fancy a change for your dinner party, please try this chef you won't be disappointed. I look forward to her cooking for me again.

over 3 years ago

I'm a big meat eater but pleasantly surprised how tasty and filling vegan menus can be.

The menus were presented beautifully - very nice colours and decorations for those who like taking photos.

Strongly recommend! 🌟

about 3 years ago