Hi all!
My name is Lina. I am a plant based chef, I have been vegan for more than 10 years now, and before I started working in different kitchens, restaurants, I always struggled, to find everyday meals that would be as excited, so I see how can people, especially that are not vegan, see that vegan cooking isn't that WOW. But since I proved myself wrong, then my meat eating husband, now I strongly believe that "All they can eat, I can eat vegan".
Having worked in many different cuisines, being familiar with different cooking styles, it all comes down to a flavor and presentation, well because life is too short for ugly food and boring dinners. :)
The process of creating something, that I can late share with others really keeps me going and motivates to be better, cook more and more exciting dishes.
I also believe, that beautiful delicious can be healthy too, so it is my responsibility, to use top quality ingredients only.