Kirsty B.

I'm a freelance Private Chef, based in London and trained at one of the country's best culinary schools, Leith's School of Food Wine, London (graduating in 2016).

I've experienced the world of food through all sorts of different jobs:
- One-off private formal & casual dinner parties
- Regular family cooking
- Week-long trips with families on holiday
- Formal & casual Canapé parties
- BBQs & buffets
- Corporate Catering
- Event Catering Companies
- Birthday parties
- Restaurant kitchens (including the Duck & Waffle, London!)
- Week-long adventures to the remote countryside with school trips...!
- I even hosted a market stall selling my SIGNATURE brownies & cookies

My true passion lies in healthy, balanced food that's FULL of flavour. Child nutrition is really important to me, so I'm super child-friendly and have a full DBS Check. I have a strong understanding of correct nutrition & 100% feel that food should be colourful, delicious & nutritious! As an athlete, I believe in feeding your body foods that fuel & nurture...but I also believe in BALANCE. Treats should be had...& they should be incredible!!!

Ps - My specialty is Brownies...if you love chocolate, you have GOT to try them!!!

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