Being a foodie, I have had the best of both worlds living my life in London, having both my mother’s home cooked Ceylon food and British European food.

After being inspired by my mother’s cooking, I visited Sri Lanka and came back with a range of ideas to introduce Ceylon food to the western world as an alternative to Indian.

The variety of Ceylon food is immense, i.e. hoppers, string hoppers, pittu, wades, and various breads as in rotis, japatis and godambahs, also including various sambals and pickles. I would like to focus on celebration dishes which my family provided for such events like birthdays, christenings etc.

I have been a full time chef, outdoor caterer and events manager which has included catering for small private parties to very large weddings, but now prefer to promote my passion which is Ceylon food, healthy, tasty, colourful and full of variety.

See attached menu.