Izumi N.

Izumi Nakamura (Izi) is an outstanding sushi chef and also a dietary consultant. Her background as a trained and experienced pharmacist, a Sake sommelier, together with her unique experience and her passion for Japanese cuisine, enables her to produce wonderfully enjoyable foods.

She grew up in Amakusa, a beautiful chain of five islands located in the south of Japan, a place blessed with delicious, natural and wholesome food.

Izi has never been far away from the joy that a shared food experience can bring. She is a down-to-earth teacher and gives creative demonstrations and lessons at Sozai Cooking School, Your Sushi schools, state and private schools around London, and has even appeared at Hyper Japan. As the founder of 5 Incorporated Ltd, Izi has delivered many successful events with her bespoke style of memorable catering.

Are you looking for a special experience, such as learning the art of making sushi? Do you want to share a Japanese/fusion dining experience with friends, family or VIP clients? Then Izi is the chef for you. 

Review for Izumi N.
12 months ago

Izumi made a superb dinner for us.
We all enjoy her dishes.
We love to have her again soon!!