Hernan D.

Founder and chef of Cocina Shoreditch.
Cocina (kitchen in Spanish) is a creative space for dinners and
events around food, with a focus on South American experimental plant based
The project is run by food engineering and chef Hernan De Majo, Argentinean, and fashion
designer Renata Brenha, Brazilian. We are based in East London on a space that
is both a creative studio and a professional kitchen; the fusion of our
collaborative practices.
Driven by a search for the non-normalised, we wanted to re-invent the restaurant
experience with a proposal that was intimate, conscious and personal. We found,
researching on pre-colonised recipes and cooking methods from South America, a
rich soil to craft a meaningful plant based cuisine. We cook with ingredients
under considered like cassava, tamarillo, Cochayuyo, lucuma, tunta, merken,
mandioquinha, jambu between others.
An essential part of our project is the community that we nurture and develop by
collaborating with people who share a similar philosophy, like political
artists, astrologists, photojournalists, film directors, eating designers, etc.
These collaborations are fundamental to further develop conscious eating and our
own vegan practice.