Hayley H.

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Review for Hayley H.
Joseph K.
over 2 years ago

Hayley,It was wonderful to cook and present this great menu for you and your friends.Let me be honest here,,my SatNav messed up on the motorway and I got lost on my way to Hayleys house,so I got into a panic mode and called her,she calmly asked me not rush and take my time.Upon reaching the house,she allowed me enough time to take a breather and do the final prep and let me freely use her well equipped modern kitchen.The beauty of it is that the kitchen is an open one,so I prepared and presented the dishes as they watched.Dinner was executed as planned and as per the menu and the requirements of a few diners.I got this big smile and a great satisfaction clearing empty plates from the table.!My bin bag was empty !!!
Hayley...in you and your friends,I felt my menu was loved,my work got appreciated....it was worth the travel.To Hayley and friends...THANK YOU ! Continue enjoying great food !