Genevieve L.

I’m Genevieve, a graduate and aspiring chef. Having worked in a Swiss Chalet, yachts in the Côte d’Azur and a Villa in le Gers; I am now trying to keep my professional cooking career alive in London whilst doing a 9-5.
Having done the majority of my chef work in hot countries I specialise in healthier and lighter foods. However my main passion is baking and puddings. Needless to say I am happy to cook to majority of food styles!

Recently I have done quite a few dinner parties, hen parties and weekends away which is what I really like doing. I am happy to cook on my own for up to 10/12 people, or if clients are happy with a more relaxed buffet style I would do up to about 14. Anything above this I would need to do it with a friend.

‘Genevieve did a fabulous job coping with so many of us and all the different needs desires and wishes and tastes. Her menus were brilliant, and she was so amazing to smile throughout two days of extremely hard work and do all those extras for us all.’ Nadine Bonsor