Review for Francesca M.
over 3 years ago

Francesca is really excellent!
Her mushroom steak is so tender and delicate. There was 5 years guest and he enjoyed tiramis so much!

over 3 years ago

Amazing tasty Italian food. This was one of the nicest meals I have had in a long time. Absolutely brilliant and gorgeous! Highly recommended A+

over 3 years ago

Excellent meals !
Friendly Chef !

over 3 years ago

It is true that the ingredients are carefully selected. As a starter, we have a variety of fresh cheese, hams and tomatoes with crispy bread, just like the simple ones we can enjoy in the trattoria in Italy. On the contrary, the main dish is well presented and professionally seasoned, which we could have in a posh restaurant. Tiramisu is melting on the tongue and can be devoured even after a big dish. Also she left the kitchen immaculate, which is very professional as well. Over the lovely dishes, we could enjoy ourselves talking, laughing and eating! Thank you very much, Francesca!

over 3 years ago

Eat out at home? nice concept and service. this was my first time but she was nice and the food was great. Well worth trying out - highly recommend