Cocina M.

A rat race escapee and now a self-taught cook prone to wandering the world. Hygge warrior and champion of slow.

My food is the amalgamation of all my travels and the countries I've lived in. South East Asian descent with a Spanish grandmother and Chinese-Indian grandfather. I've lived and worked all over Asia and now Europe.

I guarantee, no one in the current London restaurant scene does the kind of food and flavour profiles that I do.

Review for Cocina M.
over 3 years ago

I have so enjoyed 4 tapas. Every dishes are very very tasty. Especially, "Pinsec Frito" has good combination between crispy parcels and filling. Usually, during “HOME PARTY”, host should be busy because of serving the dishes, but during this dinner, we can enjoy conversation and all good meals with host. It made us so happy :))

over 3 years ago

It was truly an enjoyable evening! Cocina cooked for us 4 lovely Asian fusion tapas. She explained each dish how she came up with the recipe, its ingredients etc, which was very nice and fascinating. Never had the fusion Tapas like this before, but I thought her menu was sensational. Each tapas was truly delicious, full of nice surprise and gave us the excitement guessing what ingredients we can taste in it.
Not only the food was excellent, but her pleasant personality made our evening very special. Thank you! I would definitely recommend Cocina for your next occasion!

Shingo W.
over 3 years ago

I was invited by my friends for this fantastic opportunity to enjoy "European" (tapas) style with "Asian" taste dinner. It is one of the most enjoyable and best small home party I ever had.

Before the dinner, we had a beer and sparkling wine while waiting for foods to be served. The aroma from the kitchen made us really hungry.

During the dinner, the Chef explained each dishes. We asked several questions like how it was made and what concept was hidden in behind. This made chat more fun and relaxing.

After the dinner, no need to wash the dishes!!


All tapas served and presented beautifully.
Quail Egg salad (with a bit of spicy flavor) warmed up our stomach.
Pinsec Frito is like a Japanese Gyoza and very filling.
A lime-coconut milk dressing and Kilawin Mackerel went really well. We actually wanted to drink this dressing xD
The last but no least, Baked Mussels are also great. I never imagined that cheese goes with "steamed" mussels.

Cocina took care of everything. Her timing of serving next food was perfect.

It was about 2 hours from the start to the end and I felt that time flies really like an arrow. One really good thing for using eHo is that everyone can enjoy the home party without worrying about "during and after the party". It is all done for you. I will definitely come back to use this service again.

over 3 years ago

We have extremely satisfaining dinning experience from start to finish. Not only the food is delicious, she explain how she made and background.
Julia (Cocina) is really excellent, passionate and enthusiastic chef. Highly recimmended for party cooking.

over 3 years ago

4 tapas were all delicious and they were very new to me.
I was skeptical at first about the portions but everyone was stuffed at the end and satisfied with the dinner.
The chef was chatty and friendly.

Shinichi T.
over 3 years ago

Julia and her team did a star job for my 50+ guests. Very well coordinated party foods with high quality and attentive service including lively decoration of otherwise boring dining room. I will repeat her service for another party.