Christopher W.

As a versatile young chef with over five years experience in professional kitchens, as well as a college background, and having completed a BA (Honours) in Food and Professional Cookery, I am passionate about sourcing the best local seasonal ingredients available.

Working in an extensive range of establishments, in and out of London, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best chefs of my generation, gaining knowledge and confidence to be able to actualise my dream of bringing restaurant quality food into the privacy of individual dining rooms at affordable prices.

My resumé includes a one Michelin starred restaurant, two Rosette hotels, banqueting, fine dining and a Thai restaurant, as well as a stint in Gordon Ramsey Holdings.

My aim is to create a menu to please everyone's palate, but if clients should wish to make changes, request dietary requirements or otherwise then please feel free to contact me.

Asian British European Italian