Review for christelle K.
almost 4 years ago

Though the cooking is fine her late arrival made things a bit of disconfort.  £15/h for full afternoon tea was a very reasonable deal. Tea has to be supplied by ourself.
She was very flendly. Really hope she won't be late next time.

Khiet L.
almost 4 years ago

It was full of dishes for a brunch. The variety and the amount were impressive.
It was unfortunate we couldn't enjoy scorn with cream at the time of serving (it needed time for settling).

The chef was late for 1 hour, and the host was helping in the kitchen to speed up. It would have been perfect without it.

over 3 years ago

Everything was good quantity,but quality was bit poor.

over 3 years ago

First of all, the chef was quite late to put it mildly, which obviously made the afternoon tea session later too.
So this is an afternoon tea menu... Without tea? I think it would have been a lot better if the chef had provided her tea of choice, as that may have made it more personal and created more of an 'afternoon tea' atmosphere. The juice that we had was lukewarm, and it was orange and mango juice, not orange and grapefruit as it stated on the menu. I feel like the juice can be taken out of the menu.
My (one of the few) positive feedback would be that the scones were very nice and were not dry at all. I wasn't quite sure if they were homemade or not though. The condiments to go with them were lemon curd and strawberry(?) jam, which they were wonderful, but they didn't particularly taste homemade.
The sandwiches were average too, with quite dry bread used. I am not sure if this resulted because it was made first so it was left out for quite a while. I was very surprised that all of the sandwiches contained coriander! Personally, I despise the herb, so it was an unpleasant surprise.
Lemon and raspberry tart was beyond sweet. It was quite difficult for me to finish it.
We had apple(?) cake instead of nutella and chocolate chips cake on the menu. I enjoyed the cake, as it wasn't too sweet.

over 3 years ago

The scones were nice, but it was a shame that there was no cream. There was a good variety of sandwiches, but it"s not a lunch menu, so the coriander was not needed. There were two types of cake, but I found it too sweet. There was a good variation of food overall, but the chef was late so the afternoon tea session was delayed.