Aaliyah J.

I am the co-founder of MzuriKhana alongside my Mother. Both her and my Father were born in Zanzibar which is where our food originates. Our ancestors are from India so there is a fusion of East African and Indian. From a young age I remember waking up to a home infused with aromas of exotic spices and herbs, there were people wondering around impatiently in anticipation of the delights that were about to tantalise our taste buds. Nobody ever left without a smile on their face. I come from a big family and all my memories centre around the food. It has played such a big role in my life. 

I have always been a huge foodie, inspired by tastes from around the world. Food is what makes me smile and feeding others is my passion. I am very lucky to have had my mother as my mentor, that alongside my inspiration from places I have eaten is what makes our dishes different.

I love how food brings people together which is why last year I started MzuriKhana with my mum and have run bi-monthly supper clubs in my home since. I am now expanding into venues, offering a private chef service and catering. 

This is something different for you, your friends and family to enjoy together. My mother and I are keen to share this unique cuisine with as many people as possible.

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