dinner for two
Saxon Ave, Feltham TW13 5JN, UK
12 Oct 2019 (Sat) at 20:00
2 Diners


(£75 / head)
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dinner for two


We require a private personal chef to come to our house and cook us an evening meal
It would be for THIS Saturday 12th October

If this ISNT possible, do let us know ASAP please - I appreciate my timing is short on this.

If this IS possible, in terms of what we need is:
we have a home which can assist in terms of an open kitchen and a gas hob/cooker
we decided on an evening meal as we have two kids (one new born) so it wasn’t easy for us to go out this weekend.

We are flexible in terms of food options, we are of Indian ethnicity (British Indian) so our preference would be
Italian, probably in that order

In terms of dietary, I would probably say very flexible.

Things to know: We have two little kids who will be in the home thus the request for a private meal, one is a new born who is likely to wake up :)
Meal time ideally for 8pm? happy to take a steer on this
Anything I’ve missed, do let me know

Location & pricing:
We’re in Greater London near Surrey (TW13 5JN) - Unsure of what it will cost us, so budget can be amended depending on the meal menu


10 months ago
Dinner to be served at
12 Oct 2019 (Sat) at 20:00
Number of diners
2 Diners
Number of dishes to be served per person
4 Dishes
Request budget


(£75 / head)
Serving Type
Service Level
Preferred cuisines
Asian Indian Italian


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10 months ago
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