Birthday dinner for 2
The Dell, Northwood HA6 2HY, UK
16 Jan 2021 (Sat) at 18:30
2 Diners


(£150 / head)
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Birthday dinner for 2

Birthday dinner for my wife. We are both huge foodies with a flexible budget. Looking for fine dining (Michelin class multi course tasting menu).

Our house is in Moor Park - easiest way is to drive but if need be, it is approx 40 min from Baker Street tube station via the Metropolitan line (then a 10 min walk. Happy to give a lift if required).

15 days ago
Dinner to be served at
16 Jan 2021 (Sat) at 18:30
Number of diners
2 Diners
Number of dishes to be served per person
5+ Dishes
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(£150 / head)
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Preferred cuisines
Chinese European Italian Spanish
Kitchen equipment
Dish washer Gas grill Microwave Oven


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@Wing L.
Thanks so much for you...See more
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