50th Birthday celebrat...
Rochester Castle, Castle Hill, Rochester ME1 1SW, UK
22 Jan 2022 (Sat) at 19:30
8 Diners


(£50 / head)
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50th Birthday celebrations

I’m looking for a chef to cook for my husbands surprise 50th Birthday dinner party.

Happy for either a 3 course meal or a tasting menu.

The kitchen has the following equipment:

We have an electric Bosch double oven, both with a grill element, 4 ‘ring’ induction hob, dishwasher, microwave, kitchen aid artisan mixer, Vitamix blender, magimix cuisine 4200XL, Tefal XL optigrill, DeLonghi coffee maker, Amana fridge freezer and XL Big Green Egg.

5 months ago
Dinner to be served at
22 Jan 2022 (Sat) at 19:30
Number of diners
8 Diners
Number of dishes to be served per person
3 Dishes
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(£50 / head)
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American Barbecue Belgian British Continental European French Greek Grill International Italian Mediterranean
Kitchen equipment
Gas grill Oven


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3 offers made for this request.

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