40th B'day celeb for 4...
London Colney, St Albans AL2, UK
17 Jun 2020 (Wed) at 19:30
4 Diners


(£50 / head)
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40th B'day celeb for 4 (2adults 2 kids)

Three course meal to be prepped on site, ideally asian themed, doesnt have to be fixed on one cuisine. Meat is a safer option, although no pork. Spicy is fine for the adults but not the children. For the children if there is a rice/ plain option, wjth the option of having the more interestjng food.

Dishes and pans are available on site, although not lots here. 4 induction hobs and electric oven and.grill in thr kitchen. Kitchen.can be accessed through a dedicated side entrance. Frisge and small amount of freezer space can be made.available at the time.

2 months ago
Dinner to be served at
17 Jun 2020 (Wed) at 19:30
Number of diners
4 Diners
Number of dishes to be served per person
3 Dishes
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(£50 / head)
Serving Type
Service Level
Preferred cuisines
Asian Indian Malaysian Thai
Kitchen equipment
Electric grill Microwave Oven


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