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Chef. Gianfranco | Global Creative Menu.

Antipasto “Appetizer”

Salad of raw artichokes with scampi carbonara, black pepper and pecorino sauce.
Escargot filled with mint butter.
Pasatelli with Brunoise of mixed peppers.
Spinach and ricotta timbale with black truffles and honey.
Artichoke and cantaloupe salad with sautéed scampi in smoked cheek of pork ragout and mint.
Porre’ and smoked pancetta quiche.
Heart of artichokes with potatoes, veal lining and strawberries.
Fettuccini torte with fennel and parmigiano sauce.

La Pasta “Pastas”

Capelli di Angelo with a lemon perfume and sauce of saffron and anchovies.
Tortelli of eggplant, fresh oregano, lobster with orange zest in a garlic sauce and toasted bread.
Cappellacci from pumpkin and smoked cheek of pork ragout with chives, butter and sage sauce.
Ravioli of buffalo cheese in a porcini, black pepper, cherry tomato and basil sauce.
Cannelloni from sole and scallops in a ricotta lemon sauce.
Apple and scampi risotto with marjoram and seaweed sauce.
Potato and almond gnocchi with a guinea fowl ragout and mascarpone sauce.
Tortino from bread and wild turkey in an onion and pate of foie grass.

Pesce “Fish”

Sea bass filet with cannelloni of nuts and honey in Parmigiano, anise and chives sauce.
Lobster tail perfumed with rosemary and anchovies butter and black truffles.
Sea bass filet rolled with carrots in a caviar and chives sauce.
Grilled Cod in a sauce of chickpeas and truffles.
Red Snapper with a crust of toasted pine nuts in a garlic and thyme sauce, cold Tortino from fennel and strawberries.
Monkfish with truffle risotto and chamomile sauce.
Seabream filet with asparagus, gateau of red beets in a sauce of white truffles broth and Brunoise of egg white.
Lemon soup with swordfish al café' and fried blossoms of acacia.

Carne “Meat”

Roasted rabbit with a marmalade of honey and garlic.
Medallions of baby goat in a blueberry and walnut sauce...Side of potato gratin and black truffles.
Caramelized duck breast in a curry sauce and caponata of zucchini, raisins and sweet and sour of Tropea onions.
Roasted baby chicken with a crust of polenta and caponata of sweet peas, salami, orange butter and forest asparagus.
Guinea fowl medallions with a balsamic vinegar and Demiglace sauce.
Pork filet medallions in an orange, Grand Marnier, brown sugar and black ground pepper sauce.
Eggplant soup with rabbit filet in a gratin polenta with juniper and sage.
Orange caramelized thigh of lamb with fondant potatoes and black truffles ravioli.

Dolci “Dessert”

Cherry and fava bean pie in an orange perfumed sauce of blueberries.
Pineapple soufflé in a marron glace and kirsch sauce.
Dates ice cream in a fennel and blackberry sauce.
Honey biscotti with a coffee mascarpone mousse and sauce of lemon zest and peels of white chocolate.
Strawberries aspic with a sweet Parmigiano sauce and balsamic vinegar sorbet.
Dates mousse in a sauce of almonds and caramelized nuts.
Sweet peas and chocolate chip mousse over a chestnut sauce.
Tomato bigne with a sweet chickpea sauce and caramelized rosemary leaves.
Artichokes marmalade.
Mousse of violet blossoms in a yellow pumpkin sauce.
Chamomile crème Brule.
Fennel gelato in a white chocolate sauce.
Peach bavarese with a strawberry Brunoise.
Tomato ice cream over orange-flavored Tagliatelle in a caramel sauce.
Chocolate ravioli filled with ricotta and Cinnamon sautéed with fresh sweet peas and white chocolate.
Forest asparagus ice cream with a cherry ragout and orange sauce.
Artichokes Bavarese with green tea and lavender cold soup.
Banana mousseline with double puff pastry and a brown lentil sauce.