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Canapes Spanish style

Enjoy a evening of Pintxos (Spanish canapes style) Although they are similar to tapas, generally speaking, pintxos are smaller. The name comes from the Spanish verb “pinchar” meaning to poke or stab. Historically, pintxos used to be served on a small slice of bread and have a toothpick piercing them through the middle (thereof the name). However, with the evolution of Basque cuisine, pintxos have become much more diverse and these days only some of them are pierced to a piece of bread, I hope you enjoy eating them as much I will enjoy cooking them for you.

Please choose 8 dishes from the following selection.

Anchovy / Piquillo pepper / olive

Ibérico ham / confit tomato / Spanish tortilla

Blue cheese and walnut croquette

Wild mushroom croquette

Roast mackerel and sour cream

Cured ham / Date / cream cheese

Goat cheese / Quince gel / walnut

Tuna Tartare / roast padrón peppers / spring onions

King prawn / smoked mayo / jersey potatoes

Mediterranean roast veg / Quail egg

Chick pea / curried Spinach / confit cherry tomatoes

Cured Ham / roast peas / Manchego Cheese

Artichoke duo / candy beetroot

Selection of traditional charcutterie and cheese

Fry padron peppers / orange honey

Ox cheek croquette

Gazpacho shot

Tuna sofrito / filo pastry

Jersey royal / smoked mayo / black garlic

Confit Cod / Piquillo Pepper puree

Burnt leek / Mojo

Roast fennel / lemon gel / thyme

This is just a example of what I can do but the are many variations and flavours, don't hesitate to ask for different options depending on your taste.