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Chaat and Street Food Specials

Mouth watering Indian street food which will not be found in restaurants. It's a menu with a blend of different spices and sauces. All dishes contain traces of nuts and dairy. Please choose one dish from each course for the whole party. Adjustments can be made for those with special dietary requirements.


Bhel Dhamaka (V)
Puffed Rice Tossed In Sweet And Sour Sauces, Garnished With Pomegranate And Coriander.

Khatta Bombs (V)
Small Round Puris Stuffed With Potatoes, Comes With A Shot Of Sweet And Sour Water.

Lasan Murghi Rotli
Wheat Flour Wrap Filled With Chicken And Red Garlic Paste, Garnished With Salad.


Bateta Bowl (V)
Potatoes Tossed In Herbs, Spices And Crushed Nuts, Served With Chapati.

Baroda Murghi
Chicken Curry In Heavy Gravy, Garnished With Coconut Cream And Served With Jeera Rice.

Jordar Daar (V)
Lentils Curry Spiced With Fresh Garlic, Garnished With Cream And Served With Jeera Rice.


Covent Garden Siro (V)
Semolina Cake With Chocolate Drizzle, Served With Scottish Clotted-Cream Gelato.

Gajar Pudding (V)
Carrot Pan-Fried Cake With Hearty Nuts, Served With Scottish Clotted-Cream Gelato.