£39 pp
(indicative price)

Chef Rob Hingston

Using the finest ingredients and healthiest nutrition,
As a qualified city and guilds chef NVQ chef with Advance hygiene certificate level 2 and fully nutrition and allergen trained and can show you all the certificates on request,
Please tell me if you have any kind of allergens or maybe your gluten free or your vegan what ever your needs
So I can arrange the menu differently to suit your needs..

Tempura battered cod fish strips with a mango coriander salsa

Deep oven organic Roasted Perri Perri chicken with hand cut Potato spicy wedges and a selection of green vegetables
The chicken is boneless organic chicken breast..
if you would like chicken on the bone i.e chicken legs or quarters please say

Waffles with organic vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries
These are only examples I can do any menu that you like however you like your might be looking for a mixed cuisine menu and a menu with different fusion influences, could be a celebrational menu or a particular decade or theme,
Themes are vary popular this year but please have a open mind Because anything is possible,
Doing something memorable and creating long lasting memories is Always money well spent