£50 pp
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Egyptian Mezze

A tapestry of colours and textures that really does taste as good as it looks.

An abundance of different dishes of tasty morsels and individually seasoned salads with lots of fresh herbs. There really is something for everyone.

Equally suited as dinner for one or as a buffet for 200. The greater the number of guests, the larger the selection of dishes.

Choose from Fresh Falafel, Hummous, Foul Medames, (Egyptian bean salad) Beetroot, Tabboulé, Marinated Aubergine, Baba Ganough, kufta, Roast Peppers, Courgette Salad, Olives, Chicken Liver

The Egyptian Mezze Meal is an exciting and truly delicious selection of dishes the number of dishes is determined by the number of guests and the more the merrier.