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Central Italy Summery Vegan feast

After travelling in Tuscany and Umbria, by the beautiful hills of central Italy, I researched new and forgotten flavours of wild plants and local ingredients and the results were amazingly tasty!
So with this inspiration I came up with this menu to bring some of the flavours from my home land and showcase my new creations and style.

Raw Zucchini flowers filled with Tuscan pinenuts and wild mallow pesto - dressed with a beetroot and dill vinegrette, mallow flowers

Grilled Graffiti aubergine, tapenade, raw marinated artichokes with elderflower and wild garlic mustard salsa verde

Wild nettle ravioli filled with summer truffles and potatoes, tossed with a white wine sauce , sautéed Porcini mushrooms and chervil

Velvety pancake roulade filled with apricot and peach syrup, sprinkled with walnut crunch and candied mallow flowers on a bed of macerated cherries and eggless zabaione sauce

Bloody Melon and wild mint boozy granita with raw chocolate coated mulberries and elderflower essence