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A classic dish from the straits of Malacca

Peranakan cuisine is one of the most famous cuisines originates from the state of Malacca. Peranakan Cuisine has the influences of the 3 major Malaysian races of Malay, Indian and Chinese. Chefs childhood favorite and memory is served in a plate of flavors! Must try and you will not be disappointed.

(choice of chicken, beef or vegetarian satay marinated in Malaysian spices and served with Malaysian peanut sauce)
Cucur Udang
(Malaysian prawn fritters served with sweet chili sauce)

Kapitan Chicken curry
(Malaccan chicken curry cooked in coconut and spices)

Rendang Tok
(slow cooked beef or lamb in dry roasted coconut sauce)

all main served with
(Nasi Kunyit – turmeric glutinous rice and pineapple kerabu-Malaysian salad)

Mango and mascarpone tart
Refreshing mango & mascarpone filling with buttery pastry

served with
Coconut and pandan ice cream