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Authentic Indian food can do plated service as well as buffet style for large number of guests for parties etc.apart from the didhes specified can tailor bespoke menus taking the guest speifications,likes and choices and enhance the dining experience with extra courses to make the evening that much more special

Andhra Tomato Rasam Soup
poppodums ,dips
a hot tomato based soup to

Chicken malai kebab
Tender chicken fillets marinated in sandalwood powder,mace ,cottage cheese&saffron ,panfried served with indian relish

Lamb curry with pulao rice and indian bread

Slow cooked lamb on the bone cooked in Andhra style packed full of flavour served with pulao rice and regional Indian bread

Gajjar Halwa with hot rabdi

Seaonal purple carrots cooked with butter and raw cane sugar finished with crumbled Koya served with home made pistachio cream

masala tea
petit fours