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Fish Meze

The word meze means taste. Meze is a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks as a course or as appetizers before the main dish in Greece, Turkey, Balkans and Middle East. Dishes that are served in a meze is called mezedhes and these vary by region.
It is common for groups of family and friends to gather or go out for mezedhes, share several of these dishes, a drink, conversation and laughter. The little plates are shared by everyone at the table which not only provides wanderful variety of flavor and texture sensations, but also creates the kind of happy, convivial atmospher.

How ever, despite the origin of meze, our aim is to offer you a uniqe experience Our kitchen team takes great pride in their preparation and their most gratifying reward is seeing the dishes return empty.

12 cold, 4 hot mezedhes and main course (humus, tarama, satziki, , melanzane salad, caponata, beetroot salad, smoked salmon, dolma; feta triangle, fish cake, white bait and kalamar) Followed by grilled sea bass and prawns and feta Salad to share.