£35 pp
(indicative price)

70s cakes reinvented; £35 per cake good for 8-10

A decadent selection of cakes when you want to serve a cake like no other. We make cakes that are reinventions of 70s recipes, Americana inspired and completely unavailable in commercial bakeries.

Price quoted is per cake + delivery to your address.

Rhum Butter Savarin topped with praline, chantilly cream and fresh seasonal fruit.

Salted caramel cinnamon buns. Super soft cinnamon buns glazed with salted caramel. Available in the following additional flavours: Banana-Caramel, Walnut-Sultana, Apple, Blackberry-Lemon.

Double Fudge Dulce de Leche - super moist dark chocolate cake with dulce de leche and marshmallow creme.