Three Reasons We Don't Eat Together More

05 Dec 2019 (Thu)

According to the Mental Health Foundation, there are many psychological, social and biological benefits of eating meals with other people. 

At We Dine, we’re a team of food lovers who enjoy bringing people together over a great meal.  Since we launched in 2016, our home chefs have enjoyed helping others do the same. 

We asked our customers what their key challenges were when it came to organising and hosting dinners together, and found the top three reasons preventing us from coming together more frequently around the dinner table. 

Not Enough Time 

We’re time poor! Trying to juggle so much with work, life, family where are we going to find the time to be efficient at organising dinners for friends and family. 
 From coordinating diaries, planning what to prepare and whether that fits everyone’s dietary requirements, to then shopping and setting up, it’s no wonder we leave it to a just couple of times a year. 

The Pressure of Hosting 

It seems that for some of us the pressure of hosting can be a little off putting. Trying to organise a get together, simple family meal or party planning can sometimes be more stress. There’s so much to juggle – watching the oven or the stove, pouring the drinks, trying to make conversation but not really paying attention and making sure everyone’s topped up with their drinks and comfortable. By the end of it we’re the ones who need a little pampering! 

Overwhelmed By Choice

As our tastes have diversified, so have our options. Before we had a couple of cook books to skim through, now we have cuisines from around the world. We’re a little overwhelmed by all the possibilities that sometimes that slows us down even more. 

How Can We Dine Help? 

Our customers at We Dine have discovered that the platform can help them with hassle free cooking ideas and ensure that they can enjoy the occasion themselves. 

 1. Bringing People Together 

Not only do we connect users of the platform with a great talent pool of chefs and home cooks, it’s now even easier to bring guests together for memorable times enjoying new experiences. 

2. Relaxed Hassle-Free Get Togethers 

We love to organise so let us look after the details. From providing you with a menu to suit your requirements, once booked, the chef will look after the rest. From purchasing the ingredients and prepping, to finally cooking during the event itself. 

This leaves you to completely enjoy quality time with friends and family and even relax knowing that everything is in good hands. 

3.     Enjoy The Creativity  

Rather than trek across the city to find the ideal restaurant, our chefs and cooks will cater to your taste. Watch as their creative talents are served to you, to ensure that everyone is looked after and well fed. Some of our chefs are culinary artists in their food creations, and also great at coming up with solutions for your dining requests. Be sure to liaise with them to get the best possible result and check out their profiles for testimonials and reviews as well as mouth-watering examples. 

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