6 Ways To Manage Stress And Anxiety

12 May 2020 (Tue)

Since we launched this platform in 2016, we’ve enjoyed working with our community of chefs and cooks and look forward to a day when service will be able to resume.

We realise that everyone will be handling this crisis differently. Whilst the government help available provided some breathing space, we’re looking at helpful content that can help you start moving again as best possible. 

We understand that the impact of current situations could have an effect on our mental and emotional health right now. Hospitality is one of the most stressful professions and there has been positive movement to help the industry maintain psychological well-being. 

We thought we’d share some of the tips we’ve found helpful:


Moving about provides us with an essential boost of endorphins we need right now. You won’t always be motivated, so important to make time in your day and whilst you might not be revved up to start, you’ll certainly be pleased you did it – it’s a great mood lifter. If it’s safe to take your daily walk, run or cycle outside, do so. If you’re at home there are plenty of online activities (check out YouTube) to help you move about at home from HIIT workouts, yoga, dancing etc. HospoLive has been broadcasting morning workouts on Facebook.


We’ve been speeding forward for so long and now are concerned with what the future will bring, we don’t value what we have right now. This time of quiet has forced us to slow down so we can really review what’s really making us happy right now. The feeling of gratitude is psychologically powerful to help feel more positive, improve health and deal with adversity. Whilst some of us may be clearing out physical space Marie Kondo style, now’s a good time to assess going forwards what we want to experience, feel, do more of that we’re grateful for.

Cut back on newsfeed

The constant news can, for some, be a source of anxiety and the same for social media. Constantly scrolling or watching for updates or seeing others posting about ‘how they’re doing so well’ during lockdown can impact us. So cut back on what you’re consuming if it’s affecting you. If the TV is too draining or headlines are sending you into a spiral, cut it back and check in to your preferred news source once or twice a day. 

Stay informed and stay connected 

The hospitality industry has to really work right now to ensure there is an industry. You’re not alone and it’s helpful to stay informed but also stay connected with people going through a similar situation. We will have different experience during this time. From local chef groups to industry groups both available on Facebook or LinkedIn which we outlined in our previous blog.

What can you do now

Hopefully the government scheme announced can help you and ensure you have the assistance you need. Before trying to figure out what the future holds, be sure you’ve done everything you can from a health, financial and emotional perspective. Look after yourself and the basics first and then build up.

Make a plan

Create some options. Feeling ‘stuck’ can affect us all, so open up to new possibilities. We’ve talked in our last blog about pivoting to delivery for the moment and getting to know our communities. This might be the time to think of ways to best supplement that income for example as you continue to build. You don’t have to find the answers right now but as long as you have a plan what are the steps you can take to get moving? Can they be done now? Do you need help to learn more? Who can help you? 

Staying stagnant when working for yourself is a reaction many of us will feel and will contribute to this stress and anxiety more – move at the pace that feels comfortable to you. Not everyone will produce mini genius children from home tutoring, be fluent in Mandarin and created a billion dollar business idea at the end of this, and that’s OK! 

Most importantly, whilst we want to support you as much as possible, please ensure you contact help for guidance and support if you need it. Make use of the incredible services available if you need it. 

Important numbers to know

•   Citizens Advice Bureau or call 03444 111 444 
•   MIND Info Line or call 0300 123 3393 
•   Samaritans or call 116 123 
•   National Domestic Abuse Helpline or call 0808 2000 247

We’ll be providing content on ways to best help during this time. We’d like to hear what would be most beneficial to you.
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