6 Alternative Valentine's Ideas

30 Jan 2020 (Thu)
6 Alternative Valentine’s Day Ideas

As soon as New Year is out of the way, there’s another celebration coming up. Whether you’re in a couple or single, there’s no escaping the onslaught of Valentine’s Day and the explosion of pink and red love hearts.

But what if you’re not the lovey-dovey type, melting into each other’s eyes with your romantic dinner special for two. Or what if you’re single? Why does the world have to stop for only those in a relationship? 

Here at eho chef we say it doesn’t have to be like that! There are more fun and inclusive ways to celebrate love – either for each other, or most importantly, for ourselves, and not just for one day!  Here are our tips to survive Valentine’s Day and to do things differently.

The Alternative Dinner Date

They say the quickest way to the heart is through the stomach. Maybe your idea of an intimate Valentine’s dinner may not include being swamped by other couples. Perhaps it’s hard to enjoy a night out if you have kids. You might want to enjoy some indulging self-care with friends by enjoying great tasting food.  If you’re busy and tired, it takes a lot of energy to research meal options, shop, prepare and cook as well as wash up. Where’s the joy in that?!

Instead, be inspired by diverse flavours. Find and connect with your local eho chef who is ready to serve tantalising romantic meal suggestions, or perhaps cater for your dinner party where singles and couples are invited to share the love and enjoy an alternative Valentine’s day together.  Dinners are all prepared, cooked freshly in your kitchen and served up to your requirements. For the premium service you don’t even have to wash up! Join us here.

Try and Escape Room

Looking for thrills? Why not get the heart racing and brain ticking with an Escape Room experience. Test your team skills, meet other people, and step up to the challenge as you try and solve the puzzles to help you break out to freedom.

DIY Project

There’s not point moping around wondering about  ‘coulda, shoulda, woulda’ in your love life. Get productive – there’s nothing more satisfying than completing a project and it’s a great way to show love to yourself! Want to give the house a little TLC?  Commit to doing a little DIY.  Maybe a painting party with beers and pizza or a good sort out, get the feeling of accomplishment and team work with one project!  What better alternative to the traditional Valentine’s day activities than to give yourself the treat of that fabulous feeling of completing a long-awaited 'to do list' task.

The Look of (True) Love

Always loyal, offers unconditional love, happy to go on long walks or snuggle up on the couch, and ready with wet slobbering kisses Yes, love has no boundaries with the ultimate companion…..a dog!  Perhaps try doggy sitting and dare you not to fall in love with those puppy dog eyes! 

Netflix and Chill

Why go out to the cinema when you have a wealth of shows, documentaries and movies to keep you entertained. No need to go to the movies (amongst the couples), just put on your PJs, pour the wine, prep the popcorn and watch to your hearts content! 

Get Out and Meet Others

Time to get out in the real world and have some FUN! There are plenty of groups and activities where you can meet other singles or other couples and share in adventures, travel and activities.  

Smudged Lipstick is on a mission to bring back face to face interaction from a world of digital and organises a host of events for both singles and groups.  https://smudgedlipstick.co.uk/

Want to experience some new adventures and meet people in the process? Try 8th Day Adventure. If you had an extra day in the week what would you get up to? From Dodgeball, Climbing, Skiing, Fencing, Surfing https://8thdayadventure.co.uk/ organises events both in London and beyond.

We hope you enjoyed our alternative Valentine’s Day suggestions, whatever way you choose to spend it.

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